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What is Apache?

If you are delving into the world of web servers, chances are you will eventually come across the product name “Apache. Many have heard this name before but have no idea what exactly Apache is. Especially for these people, we have prepared this article. This article will explain what Apache is and which famous modules Apache has to offer.

Overview of Apache

Apache is also known as Apache HTTP Server. This is a product of the Apache Software Foundation. Apache is an open-source web server, which you can use with Windows, macOS, Linux, and other Unix operating systems. You use this webserver to combine various databases, scripting languages, programming languages, and template languages.

At the point when Apache was simply presented, the opensource webserver was not exceptionally famous. This changed when Apache 2.0 showed up available. What makes this form significantly better and consequently substantially more well known than Apache’s principal adaptation is the way that Apache 2.0 has a superior secluded design. Since the 2.0 arrival of Apache, it is additionally conceivable to utilize the worker as a strung web worker. Particularly on Windows, this gives better execution.

Apache’s market share

At the end of 2014, about 37 percent of all websites used Apache. In Belgium, the web server’s market share is the highest. As many as 65 percent of Belgian domains use this server. Therefore, Apache’s market share can certainly be called large.

Popular modules for Apache

Apache has many modules. Some popular modules for Apache, are the following:

  • mod_php – This is a module to run PHP web applications on the server.
  • mod_wsgi – This is a module to run Python web applications on Apache. Previously, this module was also called mod_python.
  • mod_proxy – This is a module to turn Apache into an HTTP proxy.
  • mod_perl – This is a module to run CGI in Perl, on the Apache webserver.
  • mod_ssl – This is a module to give Apache support for SSL, for an encrypted connection between you and the webserver.
  • mod_rewrite – provides a flexible and powerful way to manipulate URLs using an unlimited number of rules.

In addition to these modules, Apache has many other modules. These modules make the server absolutely complete.