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Universal .site domain

Whatever area of business – photography, beauty, marketing – you need a spectacular domain to go online. Ten years ago, business owners had a limited choice of zones for registration because there were not many of them: .com, .net, .org .info, etc. Demand was high, so short, memorable domains were expensive, and there were fewer and fewer available.

To solve the problem, ICANN, the organization that regulates domains and IP addresses, launched the New gTLD program in 2011. Thanks to this program, more than 800 variants are available for registration. We will talk more about one of them – the universal zone .site.

Why .site works for everyone

The word site is familiar to almost everyone. In other words, the site is a “unit” of the Internet. Opening the browser, we do not walk through a disordered space but go from one place to another.

The term “site” is well-established in the language, so the new domain zone with that name is similar in versatility to some of the first .com and .net zones. It is associated with the sphere of the Internet, and it can be interpreted as desired.

It can be compared with the other new domain zones: .store, .fun, .tokyo, etc. These words have definite meanings attached to them. When users come to a .store site, they expect to see an online store, with .fun, they expect entertainment content, and with .tokyo, they expect to see something related to the Japanese capital.

The .site extension has no theme restrictions. This zone is suitable for all kinds of projects from creative, e-commerce, or emerging technologies.

More and more project owners are satisfied with using .site domains and do not change them after the end of the registration.

The statistics of the .site zone show the following.

According to, .site ranks 5th among new domain zones in terms of registrations. To date, more than 1.7 million names have been registered in the zone:

This makes up 5.8% of all domains in the New gTLD:

Why choose the .site zone?

Universality. No thematic restrictions, suitable for projects from all areas: from personal blogs to online stores and IT infrastructure.

A lot of available domains. In contrast to the standard zones, in which the short and vibrant domains are already busy or expensive, the zone .site is just beginning to reveal the potential and unoccupied domain names in it enough.

Suitable for a mirror of the main domain. You can register a domain in the zone .site and make a redirect to the main site to protect yourself from scammers. Read more about this told in a separate article.

It is cheaper. Register a domain name in the New gTLD, often less expensive than finding a comparable domain in the usual zones such as .com, .org, .net. Pick up a domain name in the .site zone for your project on ArkHost.

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