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Top 5 SEO plugins for WordPress

Do you want your WordPress website to rank higher in Google? Then you need to engage in SEO actively. The abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you are working on SEO, you can improve your website in various areas to obtain a higher position in the search results of Google.

You can improve your website on your own, but you can also use a handy plugin for this. This article will read about the five best known, most popular, and best SEO plugins for WordPress. If you install one or more of the plugins described in this article, your website will quickly rank higher in Google.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is also known as Yoast, one of the best known and most popular SEO plugins of WordPress. The plugin works very well and because it has many different features; for example, with Yoast, you can perform an on-page SEO analysis and generate an XML sitemap.

Moreover, the plugin gives you tips when optimizing your web pages. For example, if the title of a page too long? Then the plugin will tell you immediately. You will also receive a message if a page’s keyword is not mentioned in the relevant page’s content. Handy! Not only does the plugin work well, but it is also very user friendly. Even as a beginning WordPress user, it is not difficult to improve your Google search results with this plugin.

Internal Link Juicer

When indexing your website, Google looks at the popularity of your site, among other things. The more links pointing to your site, the more popular your website is, according to Google. Your website will get a higher position in the search results.

What many people do not know is that Google also looks at the internal links on your website. Do you have many internal links on your site? Then you will automatically get a higher position in the search results. Unfortunately, it takes time to put a lot of internal links on your website. Do you want to save time without saving on your internal links? Then you can install the SEO Auto Linker plugin.

This plugin generates your internal links automatically. You only have to specify the keyword you want to link to and the page you want to link to: the plugin will do the rest. A link will be placed on all pages containing that keyword. And you don’t have to do anything about this yourself.

WP Smush

Images are valuable, but they do make your website slow. If the images on your website have a large size, it will take a long time before your website is fully loaded. It not only harms the user-friendliness of your site but also your position in Google. Slow websites are ranked less high by the search engine.

You can change this by reducing the size of the many images on your site. The handy plugin WP Smush helps you with this. This free plugin resizes the images you want to put on your website when you are uploading them. If you use this plugin, you can be sure that a picture of 5MB will not appear on your site. And do you already have images on your website? Then you can use WP Smush to resize them.

WP Fastest Cache

Finally, you can install the plugin WP Fastest Cache if you want to get your website higher in Google. With this caching plugin, you will make your website a lot faster. And since Google likes fast websites, this usually definitely leads to a higher position in the search results.

Good to know: WP Fastest Cache is certainly not the only caching plugin. However, this plugin generally works better than similar plugins. Also, WP Fastest Plugin is very user-friendly. The plugin does not have many settings, so even the layman can use this tool to make his or her website faster.


The plugin Redirection is – as the name implies – a redirect manager. With this plugin, you can manage redirections and keep an eye on 404 error messages on your website. Does your website have some loose ends? Then you’ll find out soon enough if you install this plugin. The plugin will help you detect any loose ends quickly and also resolve them in the right way.

Good for your website’s search engine optimization because Google does not like error messages. If your site has no 404 error messages, then your chances of ranking high in the search results are significantly higher.